Pop Braun

I measure my life not by my personal accomplishments but by the love I have for my family.

It has been a long journey from being the twinkle in my father's eye to growing into the patriarch of the family. It seems like only yesterday I was bouncing on Pop Pop Braun's knee. Now I am the one bouncing grand children on my knee.

To make this journey my parents and all our extended family provided me a solid foundation. For the past forty years, I have never traveled alone. Maureen has been my friend, my lover, my wife, and the mother of my children.

This Web site is about the shared love, joy, and experiences of my family, my relatives, and all we touch. It is to remind us who we are, what we share, what we care about.  It is a place were good times abound and never a harsh or angry word can live.

This Web site is a place where I can remember my past, talk about the present, and dream about the future.

Pop Braun as a child