Braun Family News

In the State of Grace

Girls on Alter 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Visit to Santa

The Braun's wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See more Christmas scenes in the Photo Gallery.
Megan house thanksgiving dinner

Counting our Blessings

Nana, Pop pop, and Brendan gave thanks this year with Megan and the Kelley family. Matt, Pam and the girls joined the Bergman at the lake to share with them and give thanks for this year's blessing.   

Poor Jason was working but he asked that we save him some of Pop-pop's signature mac and cheese.  What a disappointment to find out that Pop wasn't making mac and cheese this year.  Instead he was making cream spinach, Ugh! Now that wasn't the end of the story.  Early thanksgiving morning when Eric asked what was being served and discovered that the Pop pop's signature dish was not on the menu, he insisted it be added.  It just wasn't a holiday without the family mac and cheese.  Megan didn't want to ask Pop to run to the store, buy the ingredients, and whip up a batch, so she did it herself. It was delicious.  Made according to the secret family receipt.

Just more things to be thankful for on thanksgiving. The family receipt has been successfully past to another generation, and, of course, Jason gets mac and cheese instead of creamed spinach.

Things that go bump in the Night

What a Halloween! We had a princess, a butterfly, a fairy, a witch, and little unicorn.  From left to right Mia Rose Kelley as the princess from sleeping beauty, Callan Ann Braun as a beautiful butterfly, Jaclyn Elizabeth Braun as a fairy, Madison Jean Braun as a witch, and Emma Grace Kelley as a very colorful unicorn.  The troupe marched from house to house like marching ants to sugar cubes.  Their bags were so filled they could hardly drag them home.

Braun and Kelley girls in Halloween costumes

Buddy Walk

The family had its usual large turn out for the annual Chester County Down Syndrome buddy walk this year. Below is our team Maddie Jean Group picture.

Team Maddie Jean group picture 

Callan praying

Callan is getting ready for her first Communion this Spring and is praying at her first Penance Service.

Be My Valentine

Callan and Daddy going to Valentine's Day Dance

Callan took her father to the Valentine's Day Dance at her school.  See more pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Callan surfing

Summer 2007

Summer is over but the good times are not forgotten.  The summer of 2007 saw a number of firsts for the Braun and Kelley girls.  Above Callan Ann catches her first good ride on a wave.  Below Mia and Callan try for par.

Mia and Callan playing mini golf

Below Emma gets her first piece of shore pizza and the girls learn to gamble!
Emma eats her first piece of pizza

girls playing slots